by [ekwit]


fill thy mouth with glory
the path still to share
overcome thy pain
for the touch of despair comes in silent hours
close to the pillow of eternity

thy head in the sky

chord and lung
sing the life unseen

emotional wavelengths
angelic tongues
form gestures of recognition
a speechless enigma
in spherical dimensions
sliding towards humanity
its animal corpses
structure the possible
the cellular attractions
within neurons
the nectar of senses
the canyons of intercourse

thy hunger yearning for more bread
the body of sensations
every bite carries meaning
the pulse reflects its digestion

thou art a heart
beating the deep forest of myth
where nature melts our hoof
the last memory of life

thy love has come to end

a ghostly past
fronting the inner voice
the imprint beneath the skin of thy melody
crossing out authority
no lyre
but the last flute
throbbing in excitement
in anticipation of the last high to come
liquid life
thy ears open wide

the last breath directs
in and out
rubbing thy nerves
stimulating final exchange

put worldly swords down
and sink into the lethargy of everlasting motion


how do I pick up the threads of an old life?

some things time cannot mend
some hurts go too deep
have taken hold


to be continued

all rights reserved