by [ekwit]


flood thy senses
conquer thy substance
marry thy self

here is the synergetic ring
that makes thee my companion in the game of language
the state of the art

increase thy stake
dismantle our risk
in the realms of venus
where interpretation bares ideas

their growth along thy fingers
deeply embedded onto the medium
embalmed to keep their last breath for all time
until mars burns their fields
their hidden tracks
burns down to its memory all that surrounds

belief is their armada
motion is their palace
built on the fantastic ground
of living image and absolute sound


walk our waters
look beneath thy feet

canst thou see through?

there will I be waving at thee
giving thee the warmest welcome imaginable

one close look
one quiet thought
my touch
to stimulate thy sex
without thy words let me hallucinate our common grounds

into thy pulse will I send troops of pearls
of things to share
no force
just our pounding blood
exploding into solar flare

taste love's flesh
the common sense
the legal body
throbbing for exchange
for our royalty
stating knightly interest
heralding glory and pain
being suffused
forming the antidotes of the story


is there hope in our hearts?


to be continued

all rights reserved